My PB Walleye on a very special lake.

Thursday, July 29, 2021
29 3/4 Inches

My family and I just got back from a week at a cabin near Park Rapids, MN. We were staying on Boot Lake, where my great grandparents owned a resort for nearly 30 years. Their resort is long gone, but my Dad has loads of stories to tell from his childhood when he spent his summers helping at the resort and fishing the lake. On Wednesday night I took my son and nephews to a nearby creek where we fished for big Creek Chubs and Shiners. We brought along the minnow pail to collect some bait for fishing the next day. The boys had a blast, and we were able to catch about a half dozen huge Creek Chubs for bait. The next morning, my Dad and I headed out at sunrise to troll the big minnows on some Lindy Rigs to see if we could find some Northerns or Walleyes. Boot Lake is a deep and clear lake, so the weed lines are out in about 22-23 feet of water. On the first pass, my Dad caught a very small Northern. It looked very funny when he reeled it in, with 3 inches of minnow hanging out each side of it's mouth. We decided to go deeper on the second pass, out in about 30 feet of water, and Dad commented that he was marking some very large fish on the bottom. Soon, I got a nice bite! I let it run for what felt like forever, but with these huge Creek Chubs, I knew it would take a while for it to be eaten. I set the hook and knew I had something pretty good on. It wasn't long before we saw it under the boat, which got both of us very excited. It made one more run before we got it boatside, where Dad "rimmed it out" of the net on his first two attempts... On the third try, he got it's head in the net, and just hand scooped it's tail to get it in the boat. We gave it a quick measure, and it ended up being 29 3/4 inches long. My Dad never stopped smiling. He has fished this lake his whole life and never had seen a Walleye close to this size. It was an Inch and a Half longer than my Personal Best, and couldn't have happened on a more special lake!


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And a great story, I'm sure that'll be a good memory for you both. 

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That is awesome!  Using the self-caught creek chubs was a nice "roughfish" twist on the pursuit of walleye and northern.