Thank you for a great time!

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Thank you for a great time!
Thank you Corey and Andy for devoting all the time and effort to provide a venue and opportunity for such a great rough fishing experience in spite of all that is going on this spring and summer. Navigating these challenges provided no lack of learnings and stories to tell and remember. If anything, I think it pulled me back to the core elements and spirit of so much of what rough fishing is all about. Also put a big focus on exploring what is going on right under your own nose ( well at least for a while until I saw a goldstrike of trout and mountain whitefish!) It just goes to show that frontiers are where you find them. A big hats off too to all the challengers who were out there getting it done and a very large shout out to the six very accomplished anglers who made it over the marathon finish line with full points. Even though this was a challenge for the sense of personal accomplishment, it always added energy to see how others were approaching the challenges and to see all the efforts and the fruits of that labor coming in. For me one of the biggest lesson’s learned was to avoid underestimating an upcoming challenge: it is one thing to read the text off a computer screen and then chuckle and envision how easy filling out a challenge might be, and then quite another to go out and do it. Not always that easy friends! Good job to all, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
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Even though it wasn't a "traditional" Roughfish Spring contest, it was still an excellent excuse to get out there and get after 'em! As an added bonus, the competition forced/caused me to do a lot of new things like microfishing and fishing new spots. Thank you for still coming up with a great contests! I'm not sure I'll ever forgive you for causing me to leave a hot bowfin/predator bite to angle for Drum during Bingo week though......