Week 9: Handline Mastery for Carp Chaser Created: Sun, 08/02/2020 - 23:10 Default: No

1. Black Bullhead (I think)

2. Rock Bass

3. Smallmouth Bass

4. Freshwater Drum

5. Channel Cat


Fun challenge! Quite the ordeal with managing all the line coming off the spool. Had a few nice tangles for sure but it was fun to fight the bigger fish I had on. Another bullhead with some brown bh character. No crescent and gray underside with minimal mottling. I just don't know what to call these- need bullhead Id experts to chime in. Caught from a pond on the bottom using corn. Rock Bass and smallmouth came from a rocky river that rhymes with drum, redworm fished under a bobber or around rock crevaces. Drum and channel cat came from a larger river, off the bottom with a redworm. Had a medium size carp on as well but the hook pulled. 

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Looks like a Black Bullhead to me, like last week's. Browns are just such a unicorn around here that I imagine them where they aren't. Also, I've put in a lot of time on that "um" river for ~75 river miles and have yet to get a rock bass there