Week 3: Fishing up the Food Chain for Pinefish123 Created: Sat, 06/20/2020 - 07:43 Default: Yes

Fishing up the Food Chain is not legal in the county I live in, nor in adjacent counties within 60 miles of my home, so I chose to do the default challenge of 10 species.

1. Black Bullhead

2. Channel catfish

3. Green sunfish

4. Smallmouth bass

5. Brown trout

6. Brook trout

7. Rainbow trout

8. Apache trout

9. Cutthroat trout

10. Arctic grayling

All were caught within 60 miles of my home in the White Mountains in Arizona. I caught the 6 salmonid species in one day that also qualifies for the Arizona Trout Challenge, so that was cool. The most memorable fish of the week was one that I lost. It was a massive cutthroat trout that jumped and tossed my lure (strange for a cutthroat to jump like that) that could of been close to a state record. I'll just have to go back and try for that fish again, especially if it fits into any of the upcoming challenges.

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Those are some awesome looking trout right there.

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Thanks. Its really neat that we have such a diversity of trout species in such a small area so close. We also have Tiger Trout, but that's just a hybrid that I already had covered with a brown and a brook. We also have Gila Trout, but they are a bit further than 60 miles from my house.

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Post the Tiger in the "random stuff" thread! We'd love to see it.

That baby grayling is adorable.