PB Silver Redhorse

Sunday, May 31, 2020
26 inches

This beauty smashed a crawler I was drifting through a large eddie and when it bit, it wasn't the gentle nibble I expected from silvers. This fish rocketed out of the eddie and almost tangled all of the other lines but it was so crazed that it tired itself out and I pulled it to shore. This fish also soaked me with mud so I'll remember this fish for a while.


D.T.'s picture

I've seen a lotta silvers in my life for sure. This ones a dandy. Nice job.

andy's picture

Awesome silver redhorse!

Cast_and_Blast's picture

That looks like that 7 lber Doc caught years ago.  Nice beast!

Dr Flathead's picture

Nice catch!

ebspeciesfishing73's picture

Never seen a silver this big before! insane catch!