Unexpected First

Saturday, May 9, 2020
About this big

Yeah, I know.  It is just a troot and a hybrid at that but just look at it!  Plus I think it was a fun little story to boot

Well I decided to spend my un-roundup day on the trout stream I first learned to trout fish on as kid.  I had no expectations of catching anything particularly interesting.

I caught piles of Brown Trout, no Brookies as is typical in this stretch.  No White Suckers either, which was a bit of a surprise.  All in all a nice, if a bit cold day of wet wading and keiryu style fishing red wigglers from the compost bin.  

All the spring emphemerials goin' off and I was kicking up ground nut tubers along the sandy river bottom.  Finally I hooked a fish that immediately looked different.  For a second I thought it was a big Brookie but a moment later I realized I had hooked a Tiger... It was a tense few moments fighting this cool fish on a 6m pole with 6x tippet and a barbless hook but in the end I slid it into the net (some definite chaos of an uncooperative fish at the end)

 So, I caught my first Tiger Trout... They aren't stocked here so this a rarely occuring natural hybrid which makes it much more interesting.  Never would I have guessed I'd catch one, I guess that's the beauty of those dates when you go out without any expectations


Goldenfishberg's picture

That's a beautiful fish Tony man!! Gotta love fishing for those special unexpected moments that keep us angling/dangling for more! Good show!!!

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

SDfisher's picture

I have caught plenty of stocker tigers but never a natural!  What a pretty fish!  Nice catch!

Marc Ohms

Tyler W's picture

A natural tiger is a very cool fish. How did it taste?  

TonyS's picture

It was over the max size for this stream, I probably would have released it since it is sterile anyway.  Hopefully it will gorge itself on Brown Trout eggs in the fall...

The Browns I that I could harvest I ate with fiddleheads, ramps, and nettles and those were quite good

Tyler W's picture


Thank you for fighting the good fight. Good point about it being sterile. Hopefully it will get big enough to go canibalistic on the other invasives.

Dan Morey's picture

There's one of those nice local surprises...gorgeous fish!

Graceclaw's picture

The larger Tigers have so much cooler markings than the small ones - what an amazing first specimen! It'll give you a good story to tell from all of this nonsense, at least. 

FP4LifesDad's picture

That is a beautiful fish buddy, wow!! Congratulations on a new amazing lifer!

andy's picture

Cool fish, Tony S.  I really want to catch a true "natural" tiger trout in my home waters some day.  This one you caught is a real beauty.