Lightning Fisher 2019

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Lightning Fisher 2019
<p>Just a heads-up that we will be giving out a website award for the competitor who catches the most species on Day 1 of the June Contest.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><img alt="" src="" style="height:100px; width:180px" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Best of luck to you all!</p>
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Sturgesaurus wins!

16 species caught on day 1, pretty damn impressive.  

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Congrats that's awesome

Congrats that's awesome fishing right there! 


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Coming for you....

My fiancee and I are coming  for you next year! 

As an aside: Andy, are there currently plans to hand out the species-milestone awards for the year (20, 30, 40, etc) for participant profiles? 

And yes, I'm biased because I barely got 40 and was looking forward to showing it off on my profile :) 

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Trust me, I had to work for 20 species this year.  You should be super proud of 40!  We will get the tier number awards added soon and thank you for the reminder.

Casey Shanaberger
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Speaking of Contest Awards

Did I miss it, or did we not do the different photo categories this year for awards?

"I swear if you catch another drum"

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While we're on the subject of awards I do believe my bootheel bash pealip qualifies me as a redhorse master

2017: Total species (44), New (12)
2018: Total species (94), New (50)
2019: Total species (115), New (48)
2020: Total species (63), New (9)
2021: Total species (72), New (11)
2022: Total species (150), New (58)
2023: Total species (131), New (46)

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In the Contest discussion forum

There were posts where you could vote for those winners, but not too many people voted there.  We will still create them and award the winners at some point but it would be great to get more votes!

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Redhorse Master

Ok FishNerd, I gave you that award.  Congrats!


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Congrats Fishnerd

An award well-earned!