Redhorse, Black Hengelaar



Date Caught: 
Friday, August 11, 2017
Black Redhorse! Oh boy! Never thought I'd get one of these. All thanks to Doc, for insisting we try that spot again (Black Redhorse or bust!). And the White Van Mojo. It didn't seem like it was gonna happen, with the endless tiny perch and dinky sunnies, but then it did.
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Dr Flathead's picture

Glad it panned out man!  Its been years since I've fished that area and quite frankly wasn't sure about it, with all the garbage and pesky panfish around.  But seeing those fish caught from there this past spring gave me a bit of confidence.  And you did it, you got your 6th and final species available here in Minnesota.  And you got it during the toughest time of the year for Redhorse, the dead of summer.  Nice job man!  Congrats again.

andy's picture

You've earned the Redhorse Master Award!


Billstrunner's picture

Wow!!!! Amazing catch!!!

Goldenfishberg's picture

Top drawer! Nothing better then a well poured tall glass of BLACK REDHORSE! 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.