Double Digit Channel Catfish

Thursday, July 13, 2017
10 lbs 3 oz

This was a really awesome catch for me, because I've been trying to break 10 pounds for a long time.  I had caught a catfish out of this lake the year before that went about 7 and a half and I knew that there were even bigger ones in here because I had seen a guy catch one that put this one to shame.  Catfish have always been one of my favorite fish to catch and I was pretty determined to catch a big one over the summer. This entire year me and my buddies had been getting light bites while fishing for cats but we couldn't catch anything that broke the 3 pound barrier.  And then at about 10:30 on a stormy summer night this guy came along and started ripping off drag!  It was a great fight and the catfish was safely released.  The bait used was the tail of a bluegill on what I like to call a "poor man's carolina rig" 


SomewhereDownstream's picture

Nothing better than a big channel cat. I've only ever caught a couple in this size class, and they've all been epic.


FP4LifesDad's picture

Nice fish man!  I got a 34 incher one time and I know exactly what you mean by a great fight, they just don't let up, dive into cover, use the current like a boss, and roll up in the line like a gator!  Congrats on a beauty of a cat!