Redhorse, River tom



Lower Wisconsin River
Date Caught: 
Saturday, March 17, 2018


SomewhereDownstream's picture

That's a cool lifer! Looks like a pretty solid fish, too.


Dr Flathead's picture

Its a Shorthead Redhorse

NickP27's picture

I thought that too at first glance.  But, I noticed the tail was pointed on the top lobe and rounded on the bottom.  Is that not characteristic of River Redhorse?

Dr Flathead's picture

Cookie cutter shorthead in my opinion.  Their tails can vary in shape sometimes.

Graceclaw's picture

Ignoring the small head, that mouth is way too small to be a River's, especially considering the size of the fish. Rivers eat mussels and clams - they have big, powerful heads and mouths.

Corey's picture

The main reason for looking at the pointed upper tail of the river redhorse is to distinguish them from greater redhorse. Both shortheads and rivers can have a pointed tail fin like that, but the greater has big wide, fairly equal tail lobes.

NickP27's picture

Excellent to know. Still looking for my lifer River and Greater, will help me to recognize them when they come.
Dr Flathead's picture

And now the picture has changed.  I'd say the main pic now posted is a River and the second original pic is the shorthead.  Congrats on getting a River afterall!   They are such cool fish.

tom's picture

I updated the photo to a better one.  Happy to have my ID confirmed. Although a 24 inch shorthead would still be awesome. Thanks dudes!

Corey's picture

I understand now - these images were taken with a wide-angle GoPro camera. The wide angle lens and the angle of the fish being held makes the head look tiny in the first pic; way too small compared to body size to ever be a river. But it's just the distortion from the GoPro lens; I think that fish is a river looking at the video.