Targeting Black Acara

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Targeting Black Acara
First of all hello forum! I love micro fishing and ive kinda been doing it for a while now Around 6 months ago i caught a beautiful black acara at a canal by my moms house but i havent been able to catch another one since and even worse that same canal is under construction :( What is the best bait i can target them with? I learned raw dough is good and chunks of worms but i dont have money to blow on worms.. Dough is the cheaper route And does anyone have any amazing black acara fishing sites? I would greatly appreciate any feedback from the micro fishing community
Margate coral springs north lauderdale tamarac
Forgot to add where im from
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I'm far from an expert but

I'm far from an expert but you might want to try poking around ditches and places like that.....its been a while since South Florida has had a major exotic fish kill and I think the Acrara gets pushed into shallow water ditches and swamps once the Peas and Mayans population explodes.

Bread should work fine.

Its hard to catch anything that isnt a spotted tilapia or myan cichlid.. Thanks for your thoughts