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Species Profile?
<p>I know everyone likes to do research on finding different fish and ways to catch them, but have you guys ever thought about doing a species profile? &nbsp;Other then the species info in the lists. &nbsp;What about a different fish once a month or so, where everyone can put there two cents in as far as advice? &nbsp;My family and I have learned so much from here from members, maps, info, etc. the knowledge is amazing. &nbsp;For example one month pick a fish, like say longnose gar, and anyone who wants to can throw out info or questions on where, when, what bait, tactics, etc. to help other people add to their lifelists. &nbsp;The info here has helped us catch a lot of strange species and we&#39;ve gotten and given a lot of tips on the side from and for members, just thinking why not make it a part of the forums? I think the info would be priceless as far as helping other members on the site, especially since we are mostly all from different areas, I can tell you where and how to catch any of the species around Otter Tail county, but when it comes to the metro, or duluth, or the Iowa border? &nbsp;Not my area and usually when we travel it&#39;s a shot in the dark at best, just like people coming here to fish. &nbsp;Just a thought, thanks again for the great site gang!</p>
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From what I know, there used

From what I know, there used to be a species of the week thing, where everybody would chime in about their own experiences, but that has kinda stopped. You can look in the forum search for those threads. I found the bowfin one particularly helpful. Also, a lot of info from those threads have been put on each specie's individual page. I would be nice to start that again, though.

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Species Of The Week

We plan on bringing this back, stay tuned! Does anyone have recommendations for species to showcase?

UpperMi roughangler
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Longnose sucker and Longnose

Longnose sucker and Longnose gar. I don't know if they have been done before but I would like to see these species showcased.

the bearded angler
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Quillback sucker

Quillback sucker

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+1 on the Quillback. I'm clue

+1 on the Quillback. I'm clueless on them and will probably only have 1-3 days left this year in June where I can sight fish for them until next May.

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The Black Buffalo would be a

The Black Buffalo would be a sweet species to prolife 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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Sounds great, Quillbacks would be good, I'm clueless there myself as to where to even begin.  I'm not saying anyone needs to give up their fave secret fishing spots, but even a lake or river section would be a huge help.  The DNR map system is helpful, but if there were 2 of the species you're after caught in 1965 it doesn't really do much good,  are they still there?  Are there better areas? etc.   Then if it's possible to take the thread once it's done and move it onto the species list page, a  person could go there and find awesome info from the best in the business.  Even if people could say what doesn't work good, like longnose gar are all but impossible to hook until you figure out a small minnow on a crappie rig in their face and letting them run for a couple minutes will get one almost every time.  Same with areas, yes the DNR says this lake had a warmouth 10 years ago, but now they're gone, so try this pond or lake.  The beauty of this site is most of these fish are not considered something anyone is going to want to go catch a limit of hogsuckers cuz they are so delicious, but for lifelisters who want one for a photo op and release it again it's a huge resource.  Thanks gang.

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Indeed on the Black Buffs

I've been doing a bunch of research on them and found from DNR reports which pools they've been caught in on the Mississippi, and it sounds like they're making a come back, as well as blue suckers now in the Minnesota river, but still it's what time of year?  What bait?  By a dam or in the backwater? Are there feeder creeks where they'd be easier to spot? So much info would be a huge help, for us American eel is kind of the unicorn fish, one we didn't even know existed until this site.

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Black Buffs

The thing about black buffs is nobody in the Midwest (or probably even in the Deep South) has caught enough of them to gather any kind of expertise or knowledge about them. It's a huge deal when anyone on this site catches one, let alone enough to write any kind of advice book on them. Ditto for blue suckers; with the exception of Tyler Goodale, nobody's caught more than one, and then only for like a day at a time.

As for suggestions, I'd like to see Shortnose Gar, since we had that big Longnose Gar page before, and I have gar on the brain.

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Try 1000 miles for a blue suc

Try 1000 miles for a blue sucker in the expeditions reports. There is some key info there on blue suckers, although slightly limited.