Alewife ocnelson



Delware River
Date Caught: 
Thursday, May 7, 2015


Eli's picture

White perch, I think. The mouth is all wrong for it to be any kind of shad.




GeluNumber1's picture

The mouth is shaped like a white perches, but the scales look wonky and more like an alewifes. It's hard to get a good ID without seeing the fins.


All fish are beautiful.

drawer.bli's picture

Nope, definitely an alewife. The head is rounded and is on one curve with the back, body slimmer than a white perch, tail fin pointed, and the belly is sharp like a herring or shad , unlike the rounded belly of a perch. And that seems like a perfectly normal shad mouth to me.

drawer.bli's picture

The mouth is too small to be a white perch, there is a lack of a prominent lateral line, scales are too large and iridescent to be a perch. Also, there are signs of scales falling off, which is very common in shad species and no so common in temperate bass. 

Dr Flathead's picture

Blueback Herring?

drawer.bli's picture

Possibly, but its really hard to tell given this picture.