Giant Silver Pike for YK Gordo


What a fish. That's one for the ages, right there.



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 I read that the Silver Pike is a variant color of the Northern Pike. I also read about an angler who caught what would have been the world by at least 10 pounds (It was a 47-inch, 48-pound silver pike) and I swear your fish looks even larger in the picture.>>>------CONGRATS!!!---------------->

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This fish is 46.5 inches long and 24 inches around Gator. We didn't weigh it but we have with several others around this size. Based on my experience, I would estimate it to weigh about 34, maybe 35 lbs -- that's very large for a northern pike -- even up north. and this pike is immensely girthy. I caught a 45 incher earlier this year that weighed only 18 pounds. If you go to the Wall of Awesomeness on this website you will see me with an even larger pike caught at the same location last year, but of course, it's not a silver pike. I, frankly, have never seen a silver of this calibre. Funny enough I also caught a silver the same day as Gord but it was probably only about eight pounds. I've only ever caught about a half-dozen before and I've caught literally thousands of pike over the years.

That 48-lbs, 47 incher seems pretty far-fetched to me. The girth would be ridiculous. People have big eyes when it comes to pike.




mike b

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I have only caught a few Northern Pike on a fly rod while stationed at Fort Wainwright, Alaska years ago and they would have been bait for this behemoth. I did catch one by hand-lol, one about 5 inches long launched itself onto the bank right beside me and I swooped him up and put him in a littered empty chip bag filled with water and took him straight home about a mile away to live in my large fish tank where he became fat off all the feeder fish he could eat. He was a little glutton because he would eat as many as he could catch back to back until his stomach would be distended and lumpy-lol Oh and your Inconnu-stuffed pike was incredible!

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That's on heck of a beast!!!!



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