New Sturgeon, Flathead Rules Proposed in Minnesota

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New Sturgeon, Flathead Rules Proposed in Minnesota
<h2> <a href=""><strong>Sturgeon and Flathead Rules Proposed</strong></a></h2> <p>Just a heads-up to all you River Rats, the DNR is proposing to allow catch and release fishing for sturgeon on the Red, Rainy, St. Louis, and St. Croix.&nbsp; I think this is a good thing - people are catching them anyway, and this way they can use proper tackle so the fish don&#39;t get exhausted and are released in better shape.&nbsp;</p> <p>They&#39;re proposing to make jigging flathead in their wintering holes illegal.&nbsp; I think this is a good thing, too - the research shows the fish are just resting and laying dormant in the winter and are harmed by the process.</p> <p>There&#39;s some other stuff in there, including the end of &quot;barbless hook only&quot; which is good.&nbsp; If you have feelings about any of this, even if you don&#39;t live in Minnesota, please send feedback through the DNR link above. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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You can jig for catfish?!?
You can jig for catfish?!?
Tyler W
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Winter Flathead

In the case of winter flatheads "jig" is code for "snag". 

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Spring, Summer, and Fall

Spring, Summer, and Fall Flatheads do infact eat jigs and even crankbaits.  Not the best baits by any means but they work.  In MN from Nov-March I've never seen a Jig caught Flathead that wasn't snagged - I mean that didn't eat the jig with it's tail or something...


Anybody know what they are considering for Stugies?  Pretty close to an all year season on the Rainy as is.  I wouldn't mind seeing an all year or nearly all year C&R season on the Croix.  It would be cool to see the Red and St Louis open up a C&R season too.  As I understand, tons of sub-adult fish in the St Louis.  We only ever targetted them in the Lake and the WI bays of the lake where it is already open.  Fish are far between out there - really hard to target them in that water.  I'd be pro anything that allows for more legal C&R Sturgeon fishing. 


That'll never stop the Rainy from being the prime destination though... If only it were closer.

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I'd love to see them make it

I'd love to see them make it illegal to "target" Flatheads in winter, though it would be sorta impossible to enforce.  At least it would make it clear that snagging isn't ok, even when people think they are legitimately fishing. 

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Research shows truth!


I have done the frosty flathead before and I know it is not popular in many groups of fisherman. That 1 day I did it I had fun I snagged 1 flathead in the tail and 3 of my jigs were completely inside the mouth including one that I had to reach in a long ways. I am not saying that they ate it now but then I belived they did. With the flatheads having their mouths open it is very easy to see that the jig could just happen to go into the mouth and that is when you "feel" the bite.  I have chosen not to try it again since then even though it is cool to see them in the winter. I have no isse with the season not having harvest during the winter. It would only take one greedy person to wreck a population. Research and video has proven to me how I could legally catch these flats in the winter even though I do not belive now that they ate my bait. And yes I was legal.


I am in favor of a much longer catch and release season on them statewide. The only issue I have is when sturgeon jump I wonder about that happening in the winter.  These fish are easy to target and the state has not stopped ice fishing for them even though it is obvious it has been going on for longer than I can remember The difference now is loud mouth people have put it on local TV news. It will be fun using heavy ice gear to land these monsters that get caught during ice season and not any other time of the year.

It is all perspective!

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Catch and Release?

My question to the DNR and our state is why can't we have catch and release fishing for every single species of fish in the state all year long?????  Catch, CAN put some stress on some fish, but come on, how many released fish actually die unless deeply hooked and it being ripped out or maybe the occasional gill hook or somthing.  We have Wantonwan Waste laws and if you leave threatened and endangered fish as C&R ONLY, whats the big deal?  Seems a little odd to me.  I also have a problem with slot limits on some lakes.......Mille Lacs for instance has a slot of 18"-28" or somthing like that.  Mille Lacs has to be one of the most stocked lakes in the state and I gaurantee the natives don't have to abide by it; oh but wait, treaty of 1876 or some shit......just remember, 3 or more is considered a war party in that treaty!  Laws and regulations are good, but are very skewed in this state in my opinion.