Proposed Changes to Minnesota Threatened/Endangered/Special Concern List

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Proposed Changes to Minnesota Threatened/Endangered/Special Concern List
<h4> <strong><a href="">Click HERE for the Document</a></strong></h4> <p>Pretty impressive list.&nbsp; Lots of minnows.&nbsp; I&#39;d <strong><em>love </em></strong>to see Black Buffalo move to Threatened, for a variety of reasons.&nbsp; Good to see eels recognized as being of special concern.&nbsp; Still waiting to see one of you Microfishers catch a Pygmy Whitefish!&nbsp; Black Redhorse going to SC is good too.&nbsp; SC status means their population needs study.&nbsp;</p> <p>Good to see some native species recognized as needing protection.</p> <p>I&#39;d like to get some positive feedback flowing on the black buffalo issue.</p> <p>Just to clarify, Special Concern stills allows harvest, Threatened and Endangered does not.</p>
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Thanks for sharing that.

Thanks for sharing that. Interesting.


Redhorse ID cheatsheets, gars, suckers:

2020: 10 days fishing 11 species 0 lifers. 2019: 34/45/13 2018: 39/40/5

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Mostly Good Changes

I am impressed that they are adding 13 species to the list and upgrading 8 more. I am particularly happy to see black buffs and skipjacks get upgraded. Skipjacks are obviously endangered, and black buffs would be threatened if we could find enough to count them.

I was really surprised to see longear sunfish on the list. There have been more populations of those discovered in the last 5 years than anyone thought possible. Why are they getting listed now? Does it have to do with the DNR recognizing MN longear sunfish as l. peltastes? If so shouldn't they change the common name to avoid confusion? Northern Longear would work, but I prefer "god damn little bastards where the hell are you! I know your in this F@CKING lake sunfish"

I like the additions/ upgrades of the micros. I didn't realize that lake chubs were eligible for SC. I know they are hard to find in MN but I thought that was because they are restricted to the Pigeon River drainage. Then again, I guess we don't know if the populations are stable... 

"Nipigon" cisco is an interesting choice too, but we don't have time for that today.