Indian summer CRD carp party - no humans allowed

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Indian summer CRD carp party - no humans allowed
<p>Took the dog for a pleasant afternoon stroll in the Indian summer sunshine at the CRD today, and sure enough right on queue there&#39;s a carp party! I didn&#39;t have my camera to take any pics, but at least 50-60 of &#39;em were congregating on the edge of the apron under the center of the dam, and around 20-30 were grazin&#39; the algae on the apron itself. Some were even getting a &#39;spa treatment,&#39; shimmying under the mini waterfalls trickling over the closed gates, cascading down to the very base of the dam...they even appeared to be taking turns - very cute!&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Fish behavior like that is utterly fascinating to see the brilliance of their design - the function in their form - those lovely peachy-pink pectoral fins pressed against the bottom surface, holding the head in place as they shower and slurp algae from the submerged concrete surface...appears to be such a simple, boring thing, but I could watch for hours!&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The water is relatively clear, and the level is extremely low, so if anyone&#39;s so inclined, plenty of opportunities to get to heretofore unreachable fishing spots at high water.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Eric Kol
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I walked into an ash tree

I walked into an ash tree last summer while walking around one of the city lakes. There were several large carp clooping about and of course they were more interesting to watch than the path or where I was going.


I have spent several long lingers this past few weeks along my longer runs on Minnehaha creek's dirt trails. The flow has stopped and there are pools filled with all sorts of fish, isolated pools. Some are full of chubs. Some are a mixed bag of pike, sunfish, carp, suckers bullheads etc! It's hard not to get lost in carp when they are just doing their thing.... even if it is nothing at all, they still captivate me.

Carpy Diem!

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Thats cool Heidi

Ya know, you are a realitively new member and fairly new to fishing, and you get it!  I think its why Ancient oriental cultures have had Koi and Carp as pets for many years.  Theres something calming and enjoyable about about it!