Spoon question (semi Pike related)

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Spoon question (semi Pike related)
<p>I went out with my dad today to explore. We had a great day, started with trout and got a mixed bag of Brown trout and white suckers. Then moved on to bigger rivers. We ended up casting for pike. We fished the spot where I almsot died in quicksand last year, only this time from shore. We used spoons (Cleos and Medium Daredevils) We ended up catching 15 pike in about an hour. Nothing over 24&quot; but still awesome.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> The issue was this. The treble hooks did a number on most of the fish. The fish spent more time out of water then was Ideal and the hooks did some damage on some of the fish. &nbsp;Luckilly this spot is being managed heavily to reduce the number of pike quickly. The Biologists are asking people to take up to 5 a day to bring the stunted fish numbers down. Its a last ditch effort to prevent the next stage (Poisoning).<br /> Anyway We kept the fish that were badly hooked. Also good since we both love pike.</p> <p>What I want to know is alternatives to the treble hooks without reducing the hook up percentage.&nbsp;<br /> I like throwing spoons over crankbaits. I would prefer soft plastics, but you can cover so much water with spoons.&nbsp;<br /> I have yet to try single hooks or large circle hooks on spoons. It seems like it would really limit hookups, but I just havent tried. I need to, but the pike water is so far from where I live that I always find myself using the standby.<br /> <br /> Any input?</p>
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Are you using barbed or

Are you using barbed or barbless hooks? I always crush the barbs on my hooks with pliers to aid hook removal. I don't really see any difference in fish losses and I would say that I hookup more on barbless hooks

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The hooks are barbed. 

The hooks are barbed. 
The biggest issue we had today was all 3 points of the treble sinking into the fish normally locking the fishes jaws shut tight. 
There were really only two fish that would not have made it. One had a hook in the eye and in the jaw, the other inhaled the spoon and was hooked through the gills. 
The others just took way too long to remove. 

I am wondering how the barbless hooks will hold into a thrashing pike.

kernel j
Why not try Siwash singles?


I used to switch my spoon trebles to Siwash singles during the Lake Michigan years of my life, found the hook-ups surpassed trebles on trout and salmon.  Never mashed barbs on them, might want to try one or two before you go crazy with the pliers.  Spoons are heavy and pike shake 'em so barbless could be pushing it on throw-outs.   


Just my experience below....


Hook point to the concave side gets more upper lip hookings.  Hook point to the convex side gets the tongue more often.  I liked the former (point->concave) for it's a bit more likely to stay out of gill rakers and at slow speeds it's almost Johnson Spoon-esque on snaggy bottoms.  That's on KO's. Cleos, and RedEyes at slower speeds in deep water.  The bigger hooks may alter the action a bit (less roll over), but it often seemed to improve things there for me especially for Coho.


There's a bias here, I'll admit to not being fond of trebles for much of anything.  Real PITA with snags or fish.    

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Exactly what the Kernel said.

Though I don't have any experience with spoons for Pike, the method that the Kernel describes has worked fine for me with other species. Doesn't seem to reduce the hookup rate, or not greatly at least (and in a spot like you describe, I bet it wouldn't matter, with that many bites!).


I've read that some bucktail or tinsel type stuff on the hook will reduce the chances of the fish throwing the lure wit de headshakes...

Fishn sure is neat

the pyromaniac
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@Hengelaar, I've read that as
@Hengelaar, I've read that as well. I'm hoping to hit Hidden Valley or Bark Camp Lake soon to test that theory...




Let there be fire!

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In my (admittedly limited)

In my (admittedly limited) experience it does seem like single siwash hooks work just fine on spoons.  I avoid barbed trebles almost always.  Partially due to being annoyed with pike and white bass getting pinned shut, mostly due to really disliking digging trebles out of my hand.  Too much solo fishing and hand landing for that stuff.

Mike B
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Storm powerbaits are some of

Storm powerbaits are some of my more prefered pike lures. You can cast them fast and pike love 'em. Not as many hookups though with the single hook.


mike b

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I have always had really good

I have always had really good luck catching smaller pike with jig twister combos attached to a 20-50# power pro leader.

Definitly not as good as a spoon though. Maybe try a small to medium size offset worm hook like people use for bass as a replacement hook for the spoon. You could even tip it with soft plastic for added attraction and or anti weed purposes.You could also tie some buck tail or tinsel on the top of the hook shaft for the anti head shaking technology the dutchman was talking about.

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I'd second kernel j's

I'd second kernel j's comments about switching to siwash hooks.  Did the same the past couple years trolling for salmon and I really think the hook up is better and its much easier to get the hook out than the fully embedded 3 point treble.


Only issue I've seen is when fishing pinks and using a small inline spinner with large (relative to the size of the spinner) hook is that I had a couple fish get hooked deep into the upper portion of the mouth (brain/nasal cavity area) when they slammed it good.  Not a high survival rate when that happens. Not sure if that's better than setting the hook direction so it hooked them in the tongue area/gill rackers.



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Try fishing spinnerbaits. For

Try fishing spinnerbaits. For pike I like a lot of flash so I normally use white or chartreuse with tandem willow blades.  Great pike bait with a single hook!



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Silver Minnows

In my very limited experience here in Minnesota, I fished spinnerbaits like the one posted above, various spoon types, and Beetle Spins for Northern. Nothing produced as many fish (or fish as easy to unhook) as this thing:


I'm sure you've seen it before. I caught 90% of my Northerns on it, and had little trouble with weeds. It only killed one fish, and that was the 34"er that just completely INHALED it. It was several inches into its throat.

As for replacement hooks, like people have mentioned before, siwash hooks are the way to go. Back in WA, it was illegal to use barbed or treble hooks, but BuzzBombs and crankbaits, and most non trolling spoons as well as plugs came with treble hooks, which meant we had to replace them with siwashes. The hookup rate didn't go down, but barbless hooks did decrease the total catch rate.