Hi Everyone!

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Hi Everyone!
<p>Hay gang!<br /> I finally found a keyboard I can type on using my barbels. It took me long enough.<br /> I am having fun in Wisconsin fishing and exploring with Jknuth and Frogchaser. I am planning on slowly updating my lifelist, but I am having troubles finding pictures. If some of my fishing friends have pictures of me with my fish could you please send me a private message.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Ill have a report up soon of my adventures in Wisconsin. still getting used to the keyboard.<br /> <br /> Stay Rough!</p>
the pyromaniac
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Good to see you found a way
Good to see you found a way to join us! You're the best plush sturgeon forum mascot ever!




Let there be fire!

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Yea and he is an amazing

Yea and he is an amazing fishermen! His lifelist is impressive.

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Thanks for sending in the

Thanks for sending in the pictures everyone! 
If anyone finds any more let me know.


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Velkommen! :)

Velkommen, Roughie! 


Looking forward to many adventurous fishing reports! In your obviously extensive fishing travels, have you ever tried stroopwaffels in Gouda? Those things could bring about world peace - I wonder if they are equally irresistable to blue suckers? ;) 

"Can you pull the leviathan in with a fishook?" Job 41: 1