Forgive me Ken.

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Forgive me Ken.
<p>Hey dude I know this has been a long time coming but I took the necessary time to reflect on just how stupid I acted during our last exchange. I cooled off, went fishing and got my mind straight.&nbsp; I thought long and hard about the stuff I said and in retrospect it was terribly over the top, I could put myself in everyone else&#39;s shoes and I could imagine, I&#39;d be furious. I was extremely stressed, exhausted and in a dark place at that time, and I&#39;m a little pigheaded too and that didn&#39;t help matters. Not trying to make excuses just trying to paint a picture of how it occurred. I really didn&#39;t mean to make it personal with your family dude.... My friends and I say&nbsp; shit like that all the time to each other but I never really grasped the impact it would have on a total stranger behind a computer screen, computers allow us to say stupid shit and when caught up in the moment I said some real stupid shit.... You don&#39;t have To accept the apology just wanted to clear the air a little and let you know I take responsibly for the shit I said, the way I said I and causing turmoil in the community that I and I&#39;m sure you, love. Sometimes the way I express myself is a little off center with the average person, next time I want to voice my opinion I&#39;m going to try to do it in a more positive and constructive way. It&#39;s a learning process and it&#39;s gonna be rough but I just wanted everyone to know I take responsibility. I probably wouldn&#39;t accept my own apology but thanks for reading man, sorry doesn&#39;t describe it....</p> <p>I would also like to apologize to Corey, Andy and the rest of the RF community. I let you all down and it makes me feel like shit. I hope we can put this behind us and move forward.</p> <p>Thanks for listening guys.</p>
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Good to have ya back Moose!

Good to have ya back Moose!

It is all perspective!

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The Moose is loose!

The Moose is loose!

Welcome back man, think it's pretty cool of you to apologize directly to Ken in an open forum instead of just sending a message.

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The Moose is back. Hellzyeah.

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It takes something to apologize. 
everyone at one point or another has said or done things they regret saying or doing.  Not because they were punished, but because they realize they have actually done something wrong and hurt someone. Once the moment of that wrong action is past there is nothing we can do to not have taken that action, Its done. All we can do as humans is apologize, learn and move forward. 
That’s what you have done here.
One day when we were chatting about this after it had happen and you were talking about being ready to move on and accept things as they were, consequences and all. Because of that conversation i know your words here are sincere. 
I know you, you are a genuinely good person.  I consider you a good friend and you have my trust as a friend.
None of us are perfect, we all have “flaws” and have all dwelt in some dark places from time to time.
Life is too short to dwell alone. I am glad to see you back on here brother, you have so much to share here and so many friends to share with. 

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We're all in this together...

I know you don't know me from a crack in the sidewalk, but ditto what others have posted so far. You're only human too - just like the rest of us!


This is a pretty unique internet forum - most folks would never have such gumption or strength of character to try to make peace like that - especially on the internet! Very cool of you.

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Welcome home

Glad to see you back Moose, the past is behind us now and I'm sure you will be forgiven and we can all carry on as if nothing ever happened. yes

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Welcome back!

Hey Moose!


Glad to see you back! Looks like you've been doing a heck of a lot of fishing lately... congrats on reaching 200 species! yes

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Welcome home, bro.

Fishn sure is neat

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Welcome Back

I fished with both Moose and Ken last month.  Take the keyboards away and replace with fishing rods and they'd get along great!

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Looking forward to seeing

Looking forward to seeing more of your reports man


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moose, welcome back!!!!! haha

moose, welcome back!!!!! haha

Carpy Diem!

Hey Moose,

Hey Moose,


First off, sorry for the late reply. I've been away since the July 26th and this is the first day I'm home, and the first time I can check on Roughfish. I don't want you to think I'm ignoring this or otherwise. I've been a little busy on an expedition (stay tune for report wink). Pyro and Pat PM'd me to see if I'm still alive LOL. I did PM them back to say I was on a trip.


I really admire and respect that you came on the open forum to make peace. I accept your sincere apology and I hope we can move forward from here. Let's forget the past and we can start fresh. After you fished with Pat, he said you are a great person and I was really hoping that you were just in the wrong place at the time. I'm glad all is better now.


Truly, I did respect you as a great angler at the time (and congrats on 208!) and I had wanted to fish with you some day in Florida, sharing some waters, laughs and knowledge. I have family in Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Miami so it was realistic that we could one day cross paths.


Let's put all of that behind us and we can plan to duel rods in the future.



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Thanks for accepting my

Thanks for accepting my apology. Glad we could put this behind us.