Award Details

Dinosaur Hunter

This award is a lifetime award for anyone who has caught impressive specimens of all the primitive fishes available to the angler (gar, bowfin, and sturgeon).



To win this award, you must catch:

  • A 26 inch Bowfin
  • A Male Bowfin in Spawning Color (no minimum size - judge's discretion)
  • A 60 inch White Sturgeon
  • A 30 inch Shovelnose Sturgeon (not including the tail filament)
  • A Shovelnose Sturgeon with an intact tail filament longer than 2 inches (no minimum size for the fish)
  • A 50 inch Lake Sturgeon
  • A 45 inch Longnose Gar
  • A 26 inch Shortnose Gar
  • A 24 inch Florida Gar
  • A 26 inch Spotted Gar
  • A 60 inch Alligator Gar


All fish must be captured legally by angling during an open season for the species caught. Measurements are approximate for white sturgeon, lake sturgeon, and alligator gar - they need not be photographed next to a measuring device or be removed from the water. Length can be estimated but judge's decisions are final.