Rough Waters

These articles are descriptions of bodies of water, from a roughfisher's perspective. Much has been written about these lakes, rivers, and impoundments, but very little about the many species of fish not considered "game" fishes by the mainstream angling community. With these articles, we attempt to shine a spotlight on some amazing and fun fisheries and open the door to the appreciation and conservation of the fishes and rivers we love.

The Richelieu River is arguably the best multi-species fishing river in all of Quebec.

Verona: The sugar river begins its humble journey south as a series of small spring fed brooks whose sources are peppered across the landscape of south central Wisconsin.

The Raccoon River is a medium sized river that is home to a multitude of warm-water species. It flows through the fertile farmlands of central Iowa and draws the majority of its water from 3 forks.

118 fish species are known to frequent the Potomac, and many of these can be caught in the DC portion of the river.  With abundant bank access and a multitude of angling opportunities you owe to yourself to give the Potomac a try.

Upper Myakka River

The Myakka River is Florida's only federally designated Wild and Scenic River. It is a short, sluggish river lying between Tampa Bay and Port Charlotte on the Gulf Coast ...

Fishing The Root River in Minnesota

The Root is a roughfisher's dream. Filled with fish of every stripe, from brookies to gar, it spans the southeast Minnesota driftless region and provides endless fishing opportunities for the intrepid angler.

Mooneye from the Red Cedar (Thumbnail)

The Red Cedar River is a medium-sized warmwater river in the Mississippi River drainage basin of western Wisconsin. It begins its journey in northwestern Wisconsin's Chetek chain of lakes. There, its flow is heavily ...

Gila River Fall of 2013 (Fishing)

The Gila River (pronounced "HEE-la") has its headwaters in the mountains north of Silver City, New Mexico. It once flowed for 650 miles to empty into the mighty Colorado River at Yuma and thereby into the Sea of Cortez.


St. Croix River Lake Sturgeon

The St. Croix is a river of roughfishing legend. It is 169 miles of angling bliss. This mighty body of water was my introduction to sturgeon and redhorse, and has since provided countless days of angling excitement.

The Bois Brule river begins as a cold spring seep emerging from the Northwestern Wisconsin boglands, then flows for over 44 miles on it’s Northward journey to Lake Superior.