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Perca flavescens - yellow perch


Yellow perch live in lakes and rivers. Most of the yellow perch you catch will be under a half-pound in weight. Certain lakes are known for "Jumbo Perch" - and fishermen target them heavily in these waters for their mild, boneless, white fleash. In other bodies of water, they never reach sizes that make them attractive to anglers and serve principally as forage for larger predator fish. Yellow Perch may be caught using the same tactics as are used for walleye fishing, but the size of the baits must be scaled down somewhat. Yellow Perch do respond well to flies.




Yellow perch are usually found in lakes, where they are prime forage for pike, walleyes, whitefish, bass, burbot, and other predators. Perch in rivers may be migratory, so look for them in small to medium-sized rivers connected to larger bodies of water. Small warmwater rivers can be surprisingly productive perch producers, so don't be afraid to experiment. Perch can be caught by fishing on the bottom on nightcrawlers, minnows, and leeches, or fished with a drifting or stationary float. Small jigs and flies can also be very effective. Light, trout-sized tackle with small clouser minnows or woolly buggers can be deadly on yellow perch, and a delicious meal of perch is a grand reward after a day of flyfishing for these pint-sized tusslers.


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