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Utah Chub gila


The Utah chub is a chunky, robust native minnow species of the rugged mountain west. This bullish species of fish can grow to eighteen inches long and several pounds in weight, making them an excellent target for the open-minded angler in the central part of the Rocky Mountains. Although native to a wide area of the central rockies, it has been introduced into several areas in the upper part of the Colorado River watershed, where it has become yet another invasive species - although calling it invasive is a bit of a stretch, since it shares its home with very similar native fishes. In any case, Utah Chubs are very abundant in Schofield Reservior and several other lakes and reserviors in Utah. Descriptions of this species by western fisheries agencies mention that Utah Chubs are "annoying to anglers because of their large size and their willingness to bite" which really makes me wonder how people can complain about having a population of big, eager-biting fish in their neck of the woods. 


At any rate, Utah Chubs were also introduced into Hebgen Reservior on the Missouri River in Montana during the 1930's. Since then they have spread downstream for hundreds of miles, becoming quite abundant in river pools and reserviors. Some biologists think the prolific and hardy Utah Chub will someday become established in the Mississippi River.



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