Sturgeons are one of the oldest families of fishes, having no bones - only a cartilaginous skeleton. They look a little bit like sharks, having a long, thin body, no scales, and a sharklike tail. Unlike sharks, they have no teeth - only a tubelike mouth which is used to vaccuum up food from the bottom. Their bodies are armored with sharp, bony plates called scutes. Throughout history, sturgeons have been extremely important fishes. Their rich, white meat was valued for food (in some medieval kingdoms, sturgeon meat was expressly reserved for royalty). Their eggs were made into the finest and most expensive caviar. Their swim bladders were used to make isinglass, which was used to clarify fine wines and beers, and to make gelatin for jellies and expensive desserts. Because of this, almost all of the species of sturgeon in the world are threatened with extinction. For the angler, catching a sturgeon is one of the greatest angling achievements in the world. 


All sturgeons, including the White Sturgeon, Lake Sturgeon, Shovelnose Sturgeon, and Pallid Sturgeon

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