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Striper Striped Bass Morone saxatilus

Stripers are fishes of the Atlantic Ocean, but they can and do adapt to freshwater environments and are capable of reproducing successfully in freshwater.  They have a streamlined, silver body with longitudinal dark stripes running from behind the head to the base of the tail.  Stripers can grow to six feet long and over a hundred pounds.


Their nocturnal nature & downright aversion to light really ought to be mentioned -- something as innocent as lighting a cigarette can turn them off for quite a while, or make 'em leave altogether; headlamps are a NO-NO, PERIOD!!!  ...dusk is the time to arrive, not leave a body of water; daytime fishing is best on overcast days, turbid water conditions, deepest/shadiest holes like spillways & bridge pilings.



Striped Bass can be caught on artificials and natural baits, and at times can be aggressive and voracious feeders.  For this reason, casting large lures is a common technique.  Topwater lures and glide baits are popular choices.  Large live baitfish such as herring or eels can be very effective as well.  Other bait options include liver, fresh cutbait, clams, and blood worms.  

Sometimes blood worms are the only bait that works -- even threading a 1/2" piece onto the hook shank behind other bait can drastically improve the action.



Stripers can be crossed with white bass in a hatchery; the resulting fish are called wipers, hybrid stripers, or sunshine bass. Wipers are fast-growing and aggressive. They can be distinguished from stripers by their stouter body shape, broken lines, and the presence of two tooth patches on the tongue.



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