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Spotted Sucker Minytrema melanops Corncob


This sucker is found across midwestern North America, and is more common in the south. It can be identified by its spotted pattern. Each scale on the sides of the fish has a black spot at its base. The spots often look like thin stripes when viewed from afar. The pattern is reminiscent of a corncob. In some areas, they are called "Corncob Suckers". Look for them in the Lower Mississippi river or its major tributaries. Spotted Suckers reach about 3 pounds at six years of age, and I imagine they don't live much longer than 6 years. Spotted suckers approaching 5 pounds have been seen in Minnesota Waters. Light tackle should be used for corncob fishing.


This is one of the toughest species to catch on hook and line, because they feed very selectively on very small food items and are often found co-mingled with other species (usually sunfish, drum, and minnows). If you find a good concentration of them, try groundbaiting them where legal, or have patience and attempt to fish them by sight, pulling your bait away from the smaller fish that will invariably try to disrupt your corncob pursuit.


The spring spawning run puts the spotted sucker in a better position for anglers to pursue it - in flowing water with gravel and rocks. Under these conditions you can catch it more like a traditional sucker.



Other Names:  Corncob, Striped Sucker, Speckled Sucker, Spotted Redhorse, Black Sucker, Corncob Sucker, Winter Sucker


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