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Updated date: 2/6/17
Bass, Spotted - Micropterus punctulatus (Kentucky Bass)


The Spotted Bass is a large, predatory sunfish that seems halfway between the legendary largemouth and the revered smallmouth. Also known as Kentucky Bass, the Spotted Bass get up to ten pounds in weight but they average about a pound and a half. In some areas they are considered less desirable than largemouth and smallmouth bass because of their smaller maximum size potential. They are found in the lower Mississippi drainage basin from southern Illinois southward.


Spotted bass and smallmouth bass can often be found in the same southerly midwestern rivers, but they prefer different current speeds. In general, spotted bass dominate the river if the stream gradient is 12 feet per mile or less, and smallmouth dominate the river if the gradient exceeds 14 feet per mile. Largemouths prefer a gradient of 1 foot per mile or less.



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