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Updated date: 8/22/19
Ozark Bass  Ambloplites constellatus


The Ozark Bass is a brownish-green, black-speckled sunfish closely related to the Rock and Shadow Basses and very similar to those species in physical appearance.  It is found only in the White River drainage of Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, where crafty anglers of all stripes fish for them with small lures and baits.





The Ozark Bass makes its home in the streams of the western and southern ozarks, in middle-to-large creeks and small to midsized rivers. It prefers areas with good water depth, slow current, and heavy cover - especially woody cover such as logs, root wads, and other woody debris. It helps if these areas of cover are adjacenbt to rocky areas full of good forage - like minnows, hellgrammites, mayfly larvae, and small crayfish.



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