Spring Catfishing

What time of the spring do the Cats get active again? I caught my first ever last August. I don\'t know much about their spring habits.

We have people down here who fish for channel catfish throughout the winter. However, it really heats up down here once they start generally moving towards their spawning sites in late aprilish, and a lot of anglers will fish for them around dams or tailwaters with slipcorks and live bait. I don\'t know how the fishing is during the actual spawn, though. According to the ODWC, spawn temperature is 75 degrees or so. Both of the biggest channel catfish I\'ve ever caught were in early to mid spring, and spring is usually the time of year that I catch one or two on flies as well. I\'m not sure about bullheads or flatheads.

I usually start fishing Channel cats in April and Flatheads in May.

Blues are about the only consistent biteing Large Catfish in Cold water. I think you would have to put bait right on a channel’s nose to get a bite in winter. Speeking of Blues you heading south this year Doc?
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Last night I was watching an old In-Fisherman Ice Tech video where they were catching channel catfish through the ice, and it had me thinking that I should give it a try. There is a chain system of lakes nearby. The catfish are actually fairly recent migrants into the system from a tributary of the Red River. I\'m not really sure if the population of fish in the lake would be large enough to make ice fishing for them worthwhile, but I won\'t know until I try. Does it have to be done at first ice?

Where and what type of structure or surface do catfish spawn?

Nice winter cat! I have targeted cats quite abit this winter. Have had more success this year than most. Thank god for this cold weather. I can now make it to one of my favorite spots. Which by now should have a few inches of ice.

Thats a nice cat!