Now that\'s more like it!

The new year started off slow, but I kicked it up a notch today with my first (of hopefully many more) lake trout through the ice. What a battle! < img src = "">
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Nice laker, nice shot. Jealous!

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What kind of lure or bait you get that fish on? Are the lakers pretty deep even in the winter? I\'ve never bagged a lake trout, so I don\'t know much about \'em. JK
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Beautiful laker! What kind of structure did this fish come off? ~andy

That almost looks like a white flatfish in its mouth. Beautiful Fish man! -Will
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Sweet mother! Good work!



It doesn't matter what you're fishing for, just as long as you're out there doing it.

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That fish was caught on a white tube jig in 44 feet of water near the bottom. Lake trout tend to roam much shallower water during the winter than they would in the summer. While still relating to deep water, they can be found virtually anywhere in the water column. The structure that we were fishing I guess could be described as a medium gradient drop off into open water just off of a small shoreline point and associated inside turn/bay. Without a depth map of the lake, we just looked for some sort of shoreline feature within walking distance. Here are a couple pictures of my dad in action and with his catch: [img][/img] [img][/img]
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Those are some pretty fish, nice catch to you and your dad. Can\'t wait to get one on my life list. Kinda funny story, On a charter trip in Lake Huron 2 years ago for Salmon, I had a fish come off - the captain was like, \"Don\'t worry - that fish was fighting like a small Laker, no big deal\". Now me being the multi species nut that I am - you can only imagine how his attempt to make me feel better back fired! lol That little fish coming off vexes me to this day!

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Yep, that seals the deal. I gotta get out on Grindstone soon and try for some of those bad boys. How big of a tube did you use? I was also wondering about line weight and type? Do I need fireline to hook lakers in that deep of water? or do you just use mono? Ty

That is a beauty.

Good job man! We don;t even have lake trout within 600 miles of here so to say the least i am slightly jealious

Very nice fish you guys got there! Very jealous here in Minnesota...
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The last couple of lakes that I fished both had around 12\" of ice, which is a fair bit thinner than most years.

Great picture! Very awsome catch.