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This past weekend I traveled to Jacksonville for my uncle’s funeral. I was givening a eulogy and had no idea what to say so the night before the funeral I found my self in wal-mart buying a cheep rod and crawlers at 10:30 at night for inspiration. The hotel I was staying in had a pond next to it with dark stained water and downed timber so I figured it looked ok for cats. I found a yard chair along the bank and spied an empty bucket of livers so I figured I was in the right place. The going was slow I was getting lots of hits by no hook ups. I finally sized the hooks down and started to get lucky; the bullheads in this pond were like none I have ever seen. They had a very blotchy black white coloring. They are probably just very cool looking Brown Bullheads which is still a new species for me but they could also be Snail Bullheads since I was in the St. John’s River watershed. I will pick up the pictures at lunch and post them for review. The distraction worked an I finally figured out what to say the next day and things went about as well as they can at a funeral. I latter found out the Wal-Mart where I grabbed the rod was built on a golf course that my uncle used to play on a lot before it was redeveloped.

Sorry to hear about your grandfather passing.. that is never an easy time. Thats great that you were able to use a little time fishing as inspiration at your grand fathers funeral. I am sure he was looking down proud that you were able to use that as a way to honor him at his funeral. Meadeo
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Sorry to hear of your loss. It was a very inspiring read, thanks for posting and I look forward to seeing the pics.

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They could be spotted bullheads too. They have strange coloring like that. I think they are in the St. Johns watershed as well. Its always funny how much fun just catching bullheads can be...Especially when your going to use them for bait.

Sorry for your loss.

I finaly edited a pic. of one of the Bullheads, it\'s on my Gallary, any ideas on what it is?

Yep, I’m leaning to Brown, Im sure it’s not a spotted, because it was in the wrong place, so it would have to be Brown, Yellow, or Snail based on range. I guess it could be a stocked Black too but it didn’t look right for a black. Hear is a cool link for catfish ID. [url=http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/catfish/ictaluridae/intro.htm ]