Master List of Species Requests

This is a list of all the new species or fish identification requests that have come in. This should make it much easier for people to upload pictures of new or unknown fish, and it will also make it quicker and easier for the admins to process them as they come in. Once they are completed, they drop off the front page, so you can view them all here. You can use the boxes at the top of the list to filter the list, if desired.

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Photo Requested by Post date Proposed Common Name Proposed Scientific Name Size Actual Species Assigned Edit link Closed Without Identification
Gr8b8 5/28/19 Greenfin Darter Etheostoma chlorobranchium Micro Darter, Greenfin No
Gr8b8 5/28/19 Swannanoa Darter Etheostoma swannanoa Micro Darter, Swannanoa No
fishingwithpole 5/23/19 Shinai-motsugo Pseudorasbora pumila Micro Shinai-motsugo No
Moose439 5/16/19 Ouachita madtom Noturus lachneri Micro Madtom, Ouachita No
Moose439 5/16/19 Caddo madtom Noturus taylori Micro Madtom, Caddo No
Moose439 5/16/19 Strawberry darter Etheostoma fragi Micro Darter, Strawberry No
Moose439 5/16/19 Paleback darter Etheostoma pallididorsum Micro Darter, Paleback No
Gr8b8 4/28/19 Candy Darter Etheostoma osburni Micro Darter, Candy No
Hengelaar 4/20/19 Chabot Bullhead cottus perifretum Micro Bullhead, Chabot No
Hengelaar 4/20/19 European Bitterling Rhodeus amarus Micro Bitterling, European No
Species.Spotlight 4/17/19 River Goby Awaous banana Standard Goby, River No
Bitterling 4/2/19 Island Frillfin Bathygobius mystacium Micro Frillfin, Island No
Jessel Orlando outdoors 4/2/19 Everglades Pygmy Sunfish Elassoma evergladei Micro Sunfish, Everglades Pygmy No
Bitterling 4/2/19 Yellowtail Damselfish Microspathodon chrysurus Standard Damselfish, Yellowtail No
Bitterling 4/1/19 Antilles Frillfin Bathygobius antilliensis Micro Frillfin, Antilles No
Bitterling 4/1/19 Dusky Squirrelfish Sargocentron vexillarium Micro Squirrelfish, Dusky No
Gr8b8 3/28/19 Seaweed Blenny Parablennius marmoreus Micro Blenny, Seaweed No
Jason.L 3/23/19 Florida Blenny Chasmodes saburrae Micro Blenny, Florida No
Bitterling 3/17/19 Mottled Mojarra Eucinostomus lefroyi Micro Mojarra, Mottled No
Bitterling 3/17/19 Masquerader Hairy Blenny Labrisomus conditus Micro Blenny, Masquerader Hairy No
Seth K. 3/16/19 Spotted Stargazer Genyagnus Monopterygius Standard Stargazer, Spotted No
BradleyR 2/17/19 Thorny Skate Amblyraja radiata Standard Skate, Thorny No
BradleyR 2/17/19 Sea Tadpole Careproctus reinhardti Standard Tadpole, Sea No
Species.Spotlight 1/14/19 Pearl Scale Cichlid Herichthys carpintis Standard Cichlid, Lowland No
Species.Spotlight 1/13/19 Flag Cichlid Mesonauta festivus Micro Cichlid, Flag (Festivum) No