Master List of Species Requests

This is a list of all the new species or fish identification requests that have come in. This should make it much easier for people to upload pictures of new or unknown fish, and it will also make it quicker and easier for the admins to process them as they come in. Once they are completed, they drop off the front page, so you can view them all here. You can use the boxes at the top of the list to filter the list, if desired.

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Photo Requested by Post date Proposed Common Name Proposed Scientific Name Size Actual Species Assigned
nviole 4/20/18 Piedmont Darter Percina crassa Micro
Shackbait 4/17/18 Striped Seaperch Embiotoca lateralis Standard Surfperch, Striped
Hengelaar 4/16/18 Longspined Sea-Scorpion A.K.A. Longspined Bullhead Taurulus bubalis Micro Sea Scorpion, Long-spined
nviole 4/12/18 Savannah Darter Etheostoma fricksium Standard Darter, Savannah
taldridge0321 4/11/18 Turquoise Darter Etheostoma inscriptum Micro Darter, Turquoise
Utah_Anglers 4/10/18 Giraffe Cichlid Nimbochromis venustus Standard Cichlid, Giraffe
FishNerd 4/5/18 Black redhorse Standard Redhorse, Golden
Accidental Drum Addict 4/2/18 Clown Goby Microgobius gulosus Micro Goby, Clown
Casey Shanaberger 4/1/18 Black Redhorse? Standard Redhorse, Golden
Casey1 3/23/18 Carolina Darter Etheostoma collis Micro Darter, Carolina
taldridge0321 3/23/18 Carolina Darter Etheostoma collis Micro Darter, Carolina
uconn fishhead 3/19/18 Hamlet, Barred Hypoplectrus puella Micro Hamlet, Barred
smurph 3/14/18 Manybar Goatfish Parupeneus multifasciatus Standard Goatfish, Manybar
smurph 3/14/18 Peacock Grouper Cephalopholis Argus Standard Grouper, Peacock
taldridge0321 3/11/18 White Labridens Herichthys pame Standard Cichlid, White Labridens
taldridge0321 3/11/18 Chairel Cichlid Herichthys pantostictus Standard Cichlid, Chairel
taldridge0321 3/11/18 Barton's Cichlid Herichthys bartoni Standard Cichlid, Barton's
taldridge0321 3/11/18 Curve-Bar Cichlid Herichthys labridens Standard Cichlid, Curvebar
smurph 3/11/18 Unknown Standard Wrasse, Christmas
taldridge0321 3/11/18 Bluetail Splitfin Ataeniobius toweri Micro Goodeid, Bluetail Splitfin
taldridge0321 3/11/18 Relict Splitfin Xenoophorus captivus Micro Goodeid, Relict Splitfin
taldridge0321 3/11/18 Pygmy Swordtail Xiphophorus pygmaeus Micro Swordtail, Pygmy
taldridge0321 3/11/18 Green Swordtail Xiphophorus hellerii Micro Swordtail
taldridge0321 3/11/18 Barred Killifish Heterandria jonesii Micro Killifish, Barred
taldridge0321 3/11/18 Gulf Gambusia Gambusia vittata Micro Gambusia, Gulf