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2020 Ultimate Summer Fishing Challenge

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Week 1: Round Fish Roundup

Catch 5 standard-sized species of sunfish, tilapia, or cichlid (2 points for each species caught). Hybrids ONLY count for one of the parent species and ONLY if the...

6/1/20 to 6/7/20


Week 2: Grocery Store Bait

Catch five standard-sized species of fish on baits bought from your normal everyday grocery store (First species caught is 5 points, 1 point for each after that, 10...

6/8/20 to 6/14/20


Week 3: Fishing up the Food Chain

Catch any locally legal bait species (micro or standard) on hook and line and use them as whole bait to catch three different species of standard predatory fish (3...

6/15/20 to 6/21/20


Week 4: Roughfish Bingo!

Roughfish Bingo Challenge: During the week, complete any row of 5 (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) on the roughfish bingo card!


6/22/20 to 6/28/20


Week 5: Water Cleanup Week

This week, the challenge is to do your part to help cleanup your home waters. Help clean up a local fishing hole by removing a bag of litter (5 points) and catch 5 standard species of fish at...

6/29/20 to 7/5/20


Week 6: Untested Waters Challenge

Try something new! Catch five species of fish from bodies of water/fishing spots within 3 miles of your home which you have never fished before. A body of water...

7/6/20 to 7/12/20


Week 7: Catch-22

Catch 22 species of fish - but both micro and standard species count, you get 1 point per 3 full species (1-7 points) and then +3 for getting the 22nd species....

7/13/20 to 7/19/20


Week 8: Improvised Lure Challenge

Show off your scrounging and improvization skills! Catch 5 standard-sized species of fish on homemade lures (no micros)....

7/20/20 to 7/26/20


Week 9: Handline Mastery

Handline Mastery: Catch 5 STANDARD-SIZE species of fish on a hand line (no pole or rod/reel allowed). You can use a spool/can/etc. to hold the line, just no mechanical...

7/27/20 to 8/2/20


Week 10: Lunker Quest

Size matters! Catch a single large specimen of any species of fish. To qualify, the fish must be OBVIOUSLY over ten pounds in weight or...

8/3/20 to 8/9/20