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Golden Redhorse, Moxostoma erythrurum


The Golden Redhorse is a beautiful, sporty fish that is as good to eat as it is fun to catch.




The Golden Redhorse is a small, stout sucker with brassy golden sides and orange or pinkish fins. Both of the pelvic fins have 9 rays, and there are almost always less than 45 lateral line scales, which help differentiate the golden from the similar black redhorse. The dorsal fin is concave in shape, with 12-13 rays, which helps differentiate it from the silver redhorse. Goldens tend to be small (12-20 inches and 2-3 pounds).




Golden Redhorse are another very common redhorse, possibly the most common in our area. While often found in reasonably fast water, goldens also frequent still pools and slow-moving sections of water. Goldens are somewhat intolerant of poluution, so heavily silted or overfertile water will not hold goldens. Goldens feed mainly on aquatic insects and crustaceans.




Golden Redhorse are usually fished with live bait on the bottom, either with a stationary presentation or one that moves slowly with the current. Circle hooks in size 4-8 may be used. Goldens respond well to flies imitating mayfly and stonefly nymphs, as well as scud patterns and caddis pupae. Golden redhorse may be found in a variety of habitats, from trout streams to barge channels. Smoking a fine cigar while riverside may or may not increase your success with this elusive species.


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