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Updated date: 5/30/20
Flathead Chub - Platygobio gracilis


The only member of its genus, the Flathead Chub is a unique fish native to western parts of the US and Canada.  It's distinctly pointed fins and graceful shape make it an interesting catch.  They will often hit small natural baits and lures in rivers and streams. In some larger rivers of the north, they are known to reach a pound in size and over a foot long.


Curiously, this fish has one of the largest natural north-to-south distributions of any fish in North America. It is natively found from near the frigid Arctic Ocean in the Mackenzie River Delta all the way to the mouth of the Mississippi River in New Orleans, at the tropical Gulf of Mexico.  So an angler fishing the levees in New Orleans could theoretically be catching the same species as a native angler fishing the Mackenzie River Delta in the Northwest Territories.




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