Whitefish, Mountain Treble Hook

Whitefish, Mountain
Big Fork, MT in the Swan River
Date Caught: 
Saturday, April 14, 2018
Caught drifting a mealworm on #8 Owner Mosquito hook and a single split shot.


andy's picture

That's a neat looking spot, did you catch anything else there?  Jealous of that whitey...

Treble Hook's picture

No, I didn't catch anything else there. It is a very pressured spot right in town next to a park. I have caught Lake Trout in this same spot in the past. I know there are many fish in this hole but they are wary. I figured drifting a meal worm out be the ticket since it's not a popular bait but only the one Whitefish liked it. I'm not going to complain though!