Whitefish, Lake NickP27



Petit Lac Nominingue, QC
Date Caught: 
Saturday, February 10, 2018
Target species and only fish of the day. Caught in two feet of water in the first three minutes and then nothing for five plus hours. Worth it!


andy's picture

Great catch man, thay are a tough nut to crack.

BradleyR's picture

That's a decent ways north! Is the bite usually good on the lake? I've never been there.

zippyFX's picture

2 ft of water!? Nice!

NickP27's picture

Thanks guys!  Glad to finally cross this one off the list after several fishless attempts.

Bradley - My first time as well ... lake seemed pretty stagnant.

BradleyR's picture

Glad you got one in that case :)