Whitefish and white suckers under the midnight sun

I'm in the middle of moving and my boat is in the repair shop with a busted hydraulic cylinder but I was able to sneek out for a little fishing last night at one of my favourite early season spots. Martin Lake is about a half hour hike from Vee Lake Road, about four miles outside of town. Normally, people go there to try for walleye but I knew this time of year the white suckers would be spawning in the narrow creek mouth feeding the lake, and sure enough they were.

Here's an overview of the spawning site. In among the suckers were many lake whitefish consuming their eggs. All this was visible from the shore. The wooden beam is what you walk across to get to the other side.

I was given some earthworms imported from down south to use as bait. It was an experiment of sorts. Earthworms don't grow here. The soil is too thin and acidic, and the winters are too cold. Nonetheless I was surprised they didn't work. But I tied on a little wormy-like fly and that seemed to do the trick ... at least a couple times.

I was actually quite happy. I caught a male and female dripping with milt and eggs.

The whitefish didn't like the fly I had on but when I switched to a gray-coloured emerger pattern they went completely nuts. The first one I hooked jumped three feet in the air. I was almost wondering if there were some Atlantic salmon in the creek. I wish I got a picture of that. Here's a few I brought home. There were a lot of pike there too. They were even snatching and breaking off my flies, but they were all fartknockers so I didn't bother with them. I'll get some good pike later. I should've tried for walleye but I was too tired. I should add most of these pictures were taken between 11 p.m. and 12:30 at night. I didn't get home until 2 in the morning. Fortunately I didn't see any bears.




Species List: 
Sucker, White
Whitefish, Lake