White Sturgeon

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White Sturgeon

Pretty neat kayak footage.


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That would have made me need

That would have made me need to change my underwear! Seems like it would take an awfully long time to land one of those from a kayak, bet the fish gets pretty worn out. 

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I agree...

Living in sturgeon land myself, and getting to work with them from time to time, I agree with the above kayak comment. It's cool, and I have no doubt that it takes skill to do, and is a blast, but what's the cost to the fish? I have a buddy that likes to fish for them from his inflatable pontoon kick-boat in that same stretch. Yeah you can do it, but the fish gets worn down to the point of exaustion.

In the video, they're fishing the Snake River near CJ Strike Reservoir in southern Idaho. Each sturgeon in that stretch gets caught an average of almost 8 times per year (https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1577/M09-064.1). Add that up over the lifetime of a long-lived fish like a sturgeon, and the numbers get pretty depressing. 

I get that fishing is a blood sport, and we all like to catch big fish, myself included. I'm not saying don't go sturgeon fishing, as I go myself sometimes. But it just seems to me that there's a more responsible way to fish for something that's that old and vulnerable. In my opinion an angler should be able to land and release a fish quickly enough to be able to give it a good chance of survival afterwards. I just don't see that happening from a kayak.

Sorry for the soap-box rant. It is an impressive video, and I would also have needed a pants change after a jump like that... cheeky


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I can certainly see someone being able to land one quickly from shore or maybe from the inflatable pontoon boat, but I don't think that the kayak would work.

And eight times a year? Wow, that IS depressing.