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West Canada Trip

Hey Guys!

I'm new to Roughfish.com and it feels like I found this place in a great time, because I'm planning a trip to west Canada in June and looking around this forum I get the feeling that this is a great place to make some connections and a great way to get some good information.

At the moment I'm kinda trying to piece together the trip to make it as good as it can be and any piece of information you guys can give me would be super awesome since I'm from Sweden and my knowledge about the area is quite limited. 

Every bit of info is usefull, places to see, regulations for fishing, seasonal species, a great place to eat, sleep, hike etc. 

Also of course, fishing info is greatly appreciated! Great fishing guides for the Frasier river for sturgeon and salmon would be appreciated, as well as guides for other bodies of water around BC, including saltwater fishing and just pleasent outings. I'm quite new to fishing for micro species, but I'm super interested in all species and this site has already shown me some absolutely stunning species I never knew existed and if someone in the area would like to give me an intro to it I would love that! If someone is interested I will see you well fed and hydrated after our day of fishing! The Species I am very much interested in catching would be the species otherwise unavailable to me of course, like the Kokanee, Dolly Warden, Westslope trout or any of the Salmon species 

I'm looking to cross the border during my trip,starting in Vancouver then visiting Seattle and moving on to Yellowstone and North trough Montana, hoping to do some fishing in the heartland of dryfly fishing to honour my father who loves all things surrounding flyfishing, and going up through Calgary and Banff and Jasper and then I have no idea but somehow making my way back to Vancouver by following the Frasier river. I have 4 weeks for this trip so I have alot of time and destinations to fit into this, at the moment very broad, plan.


Please Help me out guys! I know there is tons of options out there and I will look inte all of your suggestions and advice!

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I'll get back to you in the

I'll get back to you in the PMs soon! Lots of good fishing over that way.