Well, my last day of June did not go as plan.

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Well, my last day of June did not go as plan.

Well, my last day of June did not go as plan.  Years past I've always hit it (the last day) hard, trying to go after those species that had eluded me during the month.  This year I was taking it different.  I had hit my number goal and was more than happy with that.  But even more rewarding is that my wife said that it didn't fell like a June of the past and that fishing barely effected our family plans, something that wasn't true in years past.  It was cool that I took some time to fish with my daughters and even tried to have one of them participate and that's getting back to the first statement; my last day of June did not go as planned.

I planned to give a couple more efforts to add a couple more species.  A Friday night after dark attempt at a sauger, then a Saturday early AM attempt at a greater.  And then I had Saturday afternoon devoted to redhorse fishing with my daughters to bump up Abby's species count.  I thought that would be a respectable way to end the contest.  But then, about 9pm Friday, I started to feel it coming on.  I've been having some major acid reflux issues that have been keeping me up all night in massive pain a few times this month and this was one of them.  Crap, there went sauger fishing.  But usually they were gone by 6am, but as I awoke, nope, they were still there.  There went greater fishing!  I rolled around on the floor in pain for the next 5 hours before I realized they would not be going away and that any sort of fishing was not going to happen.  I decided to give in and head to the hospital.  Hoping to get a quick GI cocktail to rid me of the pains at minimum and then get home to post the remaining pics I had to (one for me and assortment of common fish for Abby), I didn't bring my camera or computer.  But once at the hospital, realization was that it was more than acid issues and after a bit, I was going to be there overnight.  I tried to get my wife to bring in my laptop and camera, but she didn't find the camera (I think most of us know how disorganized the gear gets in the vehicles), so I couldn't post my last pic.  But yes, I did catch an ever challenging largemouth bass in June!  Pretty pathetic I didn't get it posted.
Oh well, 3 days later, infected gall bladder is out, and I hope to be going home from the hospital today (Tuesday).  Lifting restriction of 10lbs might put a damper on fishing for a bit though.
Sorry, still quite drugged up writing this (prescription...), so I hope it makes sense!
First 29 days of June were great though!!!
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Sorry to hear the medical

Sorry to hear the medical issues hit you that hard.

Good to hear you are doing better sounds like it could have been a lot worse had you gone fishing. There have been a few of us with medical issues keeping us from fishing this June.


Here is to July and August!

It is all perspective!

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Sorry to hear!

Sorry to hear!

Welcome to the no-having-gall-bladder club.  How's the shoulder pain?



It doesn't matter what you're fishing for, just as long as you're out there doing it.

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Glad to hear you're on the mend.

Did you save your gall bladder catfish bait?  :-)

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Well, I hope you feel better soon.

I remember both of my parents having their gall bladders removed when I was little, and how that scared me.


Maybe a bunch of fish got together and cast some weird spell on you. Fear of the Great Avid haunting them all the time...

You'll be reeling them in again soon enough!


Fishn sure is neat

angry mongrel
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It was all that stress of the

It was all that stress of the sauger that put you down man! Hope your healing quickly so we can let the kids run soon! Get well.

"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees" -Emiliano Zapata

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yipe Avid,

yipe Avid,
Take care and heal up. The fish will be there later for you.
I am glad you went in and didnt try to tough your way through it. 

So if you can only lift less then 10 lbs it seems there is no better time to start hunting micros. lol

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Holy carp!

Glad you made it.  Who needs a gall bladder anyway?  It was just slowing you down.

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Speedy recovery Avid! Bagging

Speedy recovery Avid! Bagging 35(6) is impressive. Doing so with an organ failing is incredible! 


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Way I hang in there!

Way to hang in there!

Your momma fishes for lifers with Eagle Claws.
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Thanks guys for the well wishes and such.  The post was just my way of venting that I was pretty cranky at the way the end of the month turned out.  Everything is healing well and I hope to be fishing soon. 

Corey, I tried.  Even with my wife knowing half the people that took care of me, they wouldn’t give it to me.  Would have been sweet to catch a fish on it! 

Frog - it was middle back (between the shoulder blades) pain for me.  Had it quite a bit in June.  Funny thing was I never had any issues on nights I stayed out late fishing.  Maybe I should have done that more!