a week on the river

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a week on the river

i spent the last week in western wisconsin at a small cabin on a lake. the lake held quite a few large panfish but not much else so i spent my time fishing the nearby river. the water was crystal clear and packed with fish.

the smallmouth bass fishing was incredible. in the crystal clear water it was not hard to spot large fish holding behind structure. the middle of the channel was shallow and easy to wade pitching a gold bead head wooly bugger hehind every rock and boulder on the river produced a fish.


redhorse were also quite abundant in the river. silvers, goldens and shortheads were everywhere with the occasional greater passing through. we even saw a few tiny lake sturgeon swim by. my brother Randy caught the first fish of the day and it was also his first redhorse, a shorthead. we caught dozens more along with some goldens and silvers there over the next few days .


one of the days we fished the spot we caught all the redhorse at we had the perfect day to sight fish and spent our time tossing crawlers in front of fish. i watched in awe as a giant redhorse cruised right in front of me. i tossed a crawler a few feet ahead of it and drifted it down till it was in front of the fish. i saw its mouth move and my crawler vanished. i set the hook and the fish took off towards a down tree i turned it around and after a short fight had it up by shore. randy ran down to the water and soaked his shoes to land the fish. i had finally caught my lifer greater redhorse.



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Good work. Congrats on the

Good work. Congrats on the greater




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Some nice fish. Especially

Some nice fish. Especially that greater.

kernel j
Bet that was fun.

Nice fish and a nice way to mix it up, smallies on the fly and Redhorse on the bottom.  Sometimes when one can't decide, it's best to do it all.  Only problem with it is the day seems way too damn short with all that enjoyment.


You like to take a flyrod wherever you go, don't you?  Despite being a 2-piece rod guy, lately I've found myself pondering some of the multi-section packable flyrod blanks.  They'd fit nicely in a fishin' pack and on some (primarily) redhorse/spinning tackle excursions, there's stretches of water that just scream flyrod bass to me.  


You got it right, DJ.  On some waters, one needs two types of tackle.



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Nice catches. Very nice.

Nice catches. Very nice.

I was up in that neighborhood last week and discovered that a river I've fished for 20-25 years has a very strong population of redhorse, though no greaters or rivers in the stretch I was fishing. I've officially put a few days canoeing the Namekagon on my agenda for my trip up there next year.


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DJ please

Nice report and congrats on the Greater.  In the future it might be best to  keep such sensitive bodies of water quiet on the forum where the whole world can see it.  Many of us have been been enjoying this river for years - I'd hate to go there in the future and people with bows (or rods) tossing rare species of fish in the garabage can.  Thanks.


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edits made.

edits made.

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Great job, youv've had some

Great job, youv've had some amazing catches this year..