Week 8: Improvised Lure Challenge for Phil Created: Sun, 07/26/2020 - 02:49 Default: No

Disclaimer on the first lure: no chocolate was wasted in the creation of the Hershey’s Kiss streamer.

Story on the second lure: a tribute to my late dad who would paddle a leaky canoe with three kids in it out to the panfish hole.  Once there he would never back down until we had maximized the trip to the point where the reality of cleaning all the fish in the brimming basket made him break out in hives.  We would invariably run out of worms in minnows and when that happened, we wouldn’t miss a beat – he taught us to chase down all his spent Kool cigarette butts that were now sloshing around in the bottom of the boat and keep on producing. Peeling back the filter paper to expose those tantalizing fibers this week brought it back like it was yesterday.

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