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Tied a set of five flies using scraps from my tying desk and waste bin for this week's challenge.  No tools were used (except for a pair of scissors) and thread was secured with super glue.  All patterns were based off patterns I know work: hare's ear nymph; white & pink crappie jig; Foam terrestrial; Mini Crease Fly; and a Bunny Leach Streamer.

Overslept Tuesday morning, so I ended up running around the corner and fishing some road side cypress trees.  I broke off the white jig fly almost immediately, but switching to the hare's ear paid off with a nice Bluegill and small Red Spotted sunfish taking the hare's ear almost immediately.

Woke up a little earlier this morning and made my way to sandy stream just north of town.   Started with the crease fly and immediately landed a spotted bass and green sunfish.  Caught a few more of each, but couldn't finish off the challenge as the longear were no where to be found.

Wanting to finish the challenge today, I headed back to the original roadside spot and quickly landed a warmouth (thanks for catching that guys!)  to close it out.



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I think that last one is a Warmouth, not a Redear

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I would agree with the redear being a warmouth. Nice flies btw. 

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Thanks guys!  I nitially thought it was a warmouth, but somehow convinced myself it was a redear the longer I looked at it.  I'm admittedly horrible with sunfish IDs.