Week 8: Improvised Lure Challenge for Carp Chaser Created: Sun, 07/26/2020 - 22:34 Default: No

1. Bluegill

2. Green sunfish

3. Pumpkinseed

4. Black Crappie

5. Black Bullhead


Fun challenge, I enjoy the creative element of lure making. Made six or seven basic lures and tried about half of them that didn't catch anything. First was a streamer type lure that I put together using strands from some ripped jeans. Hot glued a jig head type mass at the front. This lure looks great in the water, with lifelike movement. Tried for bass but no bites. Also assembled a spinner using random beads and a beer can tab.  This lure has potential with further refinement but didn't catch anything. While fishing for bluegills at a pond I realized the heart of the challenge was improv (spur of the moment style). A piece of foil packaging litter worked nicely for several gills. The next day at a lake cigarette butts were the breakthrough. The flared out fibers look just like a bug or fly. Everything else was caught using cigarette butts picked up off the ground believe it or not. Not the most difficult species but pretty fun anyways to utilize trash for bait. 



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Crappie and a suspiciously brown-looking-bullhead on improvised lures are no joke! No bullhead was interested in my offerings despite the lake being chock full of them. So color me impressed.

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Thanks, yeah I know that is an interesting looking bullhead. Over the years I've caught so many that looked a little bit like browns or had some characteristics of a brown but not all the way, that I didn't want to enter them until I had one that looked 100% unmistakable. It's lead to me being skeptical on every bullhead I catch now. In reality I have probably caught a good number of actual browns but decided they weren't "good enough" to count. It's kind of messed up. 

"There's always a bigger fish"