Week 7: Catch-22 for Pinefish123 Created: Sun, 07/19/2020 - 23:15 Default: No

I can't believe that I lost my second button overboard while landing my first fish of the week, a big grass carp on my kayak. But I did. Luckily I had the printed version along with me. So I accepted that I would just be using this from here on out and colored it up, and laminated it. It works great because it floats. haha.

The fishing was great, but crappie and pike continue to elude me when I'm targeting them. But still managed 22 species without them. Pretty good for Arizona, I think.

Fun stuff!!!!  Thanks again for another cool challenge.

Micro ID:

Speckled dace - one of only 2 species of Rhinichthys in Arizona, the other being the loach minnow (depending on which taxonomic listing you use). Speckled dace has snout extending beyond the mouth (sub terminal) and a very common species here, while the loach minnow has a terminal mouth, is much more slender, has white spots at front and rear of the dorsal fin, 2 white spots separated with a black spot on the caudal fin, and found in specific riffle habitat.

Fathead minnow - only species of Pimephales in Arizona. This one looks like a non-breeding male, developing a rounded snout/head. Has herringbone lines above lateral line, but difficult to see in this particular photo.

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