Week 5: Water Cleanup Week for andy Created: Thu, 07/02/2020 - 15:45 Default: No

I chose to clean up the Coon Rapids Dam on the Mississippi River which is about 4 miles from my house.  I have fished here for 35 years or so.  Actually the trash situation was less than I expected to find on the riprap, but many big snarls of line were removed which makes me happy.  That's about the worst kind of trash in my mind.  It's crazy how you always see tangled messes of like 80 pound mono in spots like this - who the heck uses that stuff?  It's as thick as weed whipper line.  My best guess is that folks are tying it off on shore and using as illegal setlines.


I caught a drum!  SO weird that many of us are struggling to catch them in spots that normally are lousy with them.  Also because the river rose so much after heavy rains bottom fishing meant like 3 pounds of hair algae would collect on my line in a couple minutes.  Pretty tough.   Spent way too much time trying for a Bigmouth Buff here, saw a few.  Been such a weird Summer so far...

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