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Conditions were tough this week with the drought - I had to find new water for hogsuckers and had to run away from the most black bullhead I've seen in my life in order to get stonecat. The hogsucker was small, and therefore quite fidgety. Had an excellent dinosaur-targeting session for bowfin, with a surprise brown bullhead in the mix, but because this contest is so weird, I left a hot bite in order to angle for.....drum. And then I only got one. So I had to get the other two after I picked up Brown Trout the next morning (4 total angling hours for drum!). This was in spite of the fact that trout made my 10th species so I didn't have to torture myself with 1.5 hours of drum fishing. I can't believe the toughest thing I did this week was catch 3 drum.

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I'm impressed with your hogsucker, nice find! And I can relate to the drum fishing, I caught three redhorse from a very good spot for them but it took longer than it should have. Lots of missed bites and a ridiculous level of bait stealing made it frustrating. Feels great to complete the challenge. 

"There's always a bigger fish"